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Francis Stanfield and Grace, his wife, late of Garton, in Cheshire, England, reached Pennsylvania July 29, 1683 in the ship "Endeavor" of London with George Thorp, Master. They brought with them their children James, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Grace and Hannan besides the following servants, Dan Brown, Thos Marsey, Isa. Broolseby, Robert Sidbotham, John smith, Robert Bryan, Nathan Rudway and Sidbotham.

The Stanfields settled in Marple Township, Chester Col, and were among the first settlers in that section. The parents seem to have been well advanced in years at the time of coming to this country. They were Friends in that formative period , consequently the settlement of a new country religious meetings were held at private houses until some one place had been determined upon. Djuring this period, one or more meetings were held at the house of Francis Stanfield. Minutes of March 3, 1686, it was "agreed at a meeting at John Boiters (Bowaters) upon ye same first day it was used to be at Bartholomew Coppocks, for ye ease of such yet live westerly in ye woods, and ye rest of Friends living ye other way upon the same day to meet at Francis Stanfields until further consideration."

Francis Stanfield was a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly from Chester Co in 1685 and a member of the Provincial Assembly in 1685.

Purchased 600 acres of land in 1689

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Francis Stanfield
379 Garten, Cheshire, Kingdom of England
1 November 28, 1687
333 45 Marple, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States
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