Manchester Township

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Manchester Township

Manchester township was laid out in 1742 as part of Lancaster County. In 1742 York County was created, and included the township. In 1799 the township was partitioned, creating West Manchester Township. Known to be settled in 1814, the village of Liverpool grew into the town, and then was incorporated in 1869 as the Burrough of Manchester. The Burrough is located in the eastern half of Manchester Township.

Events prior to 1799 refer to the original larger township, west and east. Events after may need to be verified whether West Manchester or Manchester townships. Events after 1869 may need to be verified whether in the actual Burrough, or in the Township.

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Magdaline or Magdelena Reidinger or Reitinger
November 23, 1771
249 Manchester Township, York County, Pennsylvania, United States
8 December 6, 1860
160 89 Boonsboro, Washington County, Maryland, United States
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