Knud Olsen Dicken and wife Berit

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Title: Knud Olsen Dicken and wife Berit
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Knud Olsen Dicken and wife Berit

via Scott Forland, unknown provenance.

According to Julie Dragvold, Elstad Church historian, e-mail communication 24 Jun 2020:
""Here is when Bersagel was a photographer in Lanesboro: Active in 1887-1900, 1904, 1910, 1914 Lanesboro, MN USA. I know that the Fillmore County History Center has negatives from Bue, who bought Bersagel out, but I also know that there are no names and dates on them!!! He probably didn't keep the old negatives anyway. But doesn't this narrow down the year of the photo to 1887-1889 since Berit died in Jan 1890??? And they're on the 1885 census living in Holt Twp.""

This narrows the date of this image to 1887-1890, with Berit's death.

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