An imaginary image of Peter Fitzharris

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Title: An imaginary image of Peter Fitzharris
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An imaginary image of Peter Fitzharris
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DISCLAIMER: This image was discovered while researching on the internet and has NO PROVENANCE. It has been DIGITALLY ALTERED/EDITED. It may have NO RELATIONSHIP TO THE INDIVIDUAL RECORD TO WHICH IT IS CURRENTLY ATTACHED and is included primarily to illustrate a common internet community perception of the individual.

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This image appears to have been created from an image scanned from a book which includes, beneath it, the text "*1: Peter Fitzharris - about 1860 - Taken From A Pencil Drawing"

It was not taken from a pencil drawing, as may be illustrated by the subject's left eyebrow which is apparently somewhat bushy, white, and partially obscuring his left eye - and because of the flash is over-exposed but has detectable separate hairs. A pencil sketcher is very unlikely to produce negative details to that degree of precision.

Most importantly, despite this image appearing in many family trees no one has produced a provenance indicating where the image was sourced - not even the scan from the book reports the title/author.

This image is solely included as an illustration, and does not indicate the individual photographed is in fact the Peter Fitzharris individual in this genealogy.

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