Marie Jeanne Morel, 16531734 (aged 81 years)

Marie Jeanne /Morel/
Birth of a daughter
Death of a husband

In 1686 the Province of New Hampshire was absorbed into the Dominion of New England, which dissolved in 1689. Until a new charter was issued in 1691 the region was de facto ruled by Massachusetts. For the purposes of genealogy (and contemporary social life) the region would have been considered New Hampshire.

On March 27, 1690, Salmon Falls (present-day Berwick, Maine), Province of New Brunswick, Great Britain's colonies in North America, was raided by a combined force of French troops and Wabanaki Confederacy forces (Mi'kmaq and Maliseet from Fort Meductic) who killed 34 men, captured 54, and destroyed the village as an element of King William's War. The village remained abandoned until 1703, when it was resettled under the name Newichawannock.

It seems likely, although I don't have citations to prove it yet, that Jacques Maugras's death is related to this event.

Marriage of a daughter
Family with Jacques Maugras
Birth: 1639 24 24 Ligny Chatel, Champagne, France
Death: 1690Salmon Falls, New Hampshire, Kingdom of England
Birth: 1653Saint Quintin, Aisne, France
Death: April 8, 1734Trois Riveres, Quebec, Canada
Marriage MarriageNovember 20, 1668Trois-Rivières, Canada, Nouvelle-France, France
6 years
Birth: August 22, 1674 35 21 Trois Riveres, Quebec, Canada