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8 children
Birth: calculated 1783 23 Wales, United Kingdom
Death: Buried in Frederick Catholic Cemetery, per note from relative (M. Hopkins) who still lives in Maryland, also photo of tombstone taken in St. John Cemetery in Frederick, states he was 61 years at death.May 20, 1844Frederick, Maryland, United States
Birth: 1784 24 Maryland, United States
Death: August 7, 1874Woodbine, Carroll County, Maryland, United States
Birth: 1794 34 Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland, United States
Death: December 22, 1860Lewiston, Niagara, New York, United States
Birth: Wales, United Kingdom
Death: Battle of North Point in War of 1812, his name is on the 1812 war memorial in Baltimore.September 12, 1814North Point, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Birth: about 1795 35
Death: March 28, 1862Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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