State of the GED: Many updates
Sunday, September 13, 2020 12:59 PM

The past months have involved considerable evolution - both despite and due to Covid-19.

A black and white studio image of a young girld and a baby.We are still in the process of migrating documents from the old installation to the new. Progress has been regularly on hold as other things take priority, but we are about 33% complete by estimate. (Along the way we are completely integrating documents, which can take a lot of time.)

There are several new additions to the family descendancies, and a few departures - none, so far, due to the pandemic. But in part due one of those departures we have inherited a collection of images and genealogy-related documents, which are being digitized slowly and added to the internal sources.

So expect more original sources and images if you are logged in over the coming weeks and months.

State of the GED: Migration!
Sunday, May 17, 2020 2:01 PM

In the life of every online project there are moments of change and upheaval - moving to new hosting|hardware, changes to infrastructure, upgrades to the software (or even migrating to a new one.)

We are doing two of these at once - a change of hardware, and software upgrades. And, in the process, we are fundamentally altering how we store multimedia on the server.

This last item is the most disruptive. All the documents and images are stored there in a complex folder hierarchy, and they all need to be transferred, one at a time manually, to here, where we plan to just shove them all into a single folder (rather like 'cleaning' by throwing everything into a closet and forcing the door closed.)

This will be a slow process. Bear with us through the days/weeks ahead; there are a couple thousand objects to move.