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John D. ElliottAge: 83 years18061890

John D. Elliott
Birth 23 October 1806 19 18
MarriageElizabeth WilletsView this family

MarriageLydia WaltonView this family

Birth of a sisterPhoebe Elliott
19 October 1810 (Age 3 years)
Death of a motherRuth McCall
9 November 1816 (Age 10 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherAlice Wilkinson
29 June 1827 (Age 20 years)

MarriageRuth DixsonView this family
3 October 1827 (Age 20 years)
Marriage of a siblingJohn DixsonPhoebe ElliottView this family
3 October 1827 (Age 20 years)
Birth of a daughter
Elizabeth Elliott
calculated 1830 (Age 23 years)

Birth of a son
Hezikiah Elliott
1834 (Age 27 years)
Birth of a daughter
Eliza R Elliott
1834 (Age 27 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherIsaac Elliott Sr.
18 June 1838 (Age 31 years)
Birth of a daughter
Matilda Elliott
1840 (Age 33 years)
Birth of a son
John H Elliott
1844 (Age 37 years)
Birth of a son
Zeddick Elliott
1847 (Age 40 years)
Census 16 October 1850 (Age 43 years) Age: 44
Death of a fatherIsaac Elliott Jr
4 April 1859 (Age 52 years)
Death of a half-sisterMary Elliott
before 1875 (Age 68 years)

Death 6 September 1890 (Age 83 years)
Mackey Cemetery, Boone County, Iowa, United States
Latitude: N42.16750 Longitude: W93.75650

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Marriage: 6 November 1805Pike Run Meeting House, Washington County, Pennsylvania, United States
1 year
4 years
younger sister
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Marriage: 3 October 1827Marlborough, Stark County, Ohio, United States
3 years
5 years
1 year
7 years
5 years
4 years
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Reunion and Sketch of the Elliott Family

by John D. Elliot

(The original was printed by Sumner Folsom & Co., Toledo, O. in 1875. This copy was typed from the original by Sonia Turner Rust in 1979.)


At Union Meeting house three miles East of Zanesfield, Logan Co., Ohio, Oct. 1, 1875, in answer to an invitation extended to the Elliot Family, about 130 of the decendants of Benjamain Elliot and their companions met near the time appointed, and after a friendly and cheerful introduction  (many of them being strangers to each other), they partook of a bountiful dinner) provided for the occasion.  The company being called to order, Simon D. Elliot was appointed Chairman, and Asa Elliot and Enoch Wickersham, Secretaries.  The object of the meeting being stated by the chairman, to-wit: A reunion of the family and its connections renewing and strengthening the bond of love and friendship that has heretofore existed, and the encouragement to cherish  and cultivate that love in their families as they become scattered and separate, that will qualify them to take their places in Church and the world, assisting by their counsel and influence to withstand the torrent of sin and iniquity that prevail in our country.  John D. Elliot then read the following paper, sketching from memory the following short history of the Elliot family, which was directed to be printed and a copy with the proceedings of this meeting sent to each family where their residence is known:

In attempting to write some account of the family, I have no other resource for information but memory, and shall therefore be very liable to make many mistakes. Much of what I know of our ancestors was learned when a boy, in listening to the conversation of my Grandparents, and others of the family. If I remember, my Grandfather's Grandfather's name was John Ellot (the name was spelled Ellot until my Grandfather's time and he still contended that was the right way.) Of this first ancestor all I know is that he came from England in company with many others about the time the company came over with Wm. Penn, some of his relatives being in New England, of whom John Ellot the great Indian Missionary was one. Our branch of the family settling in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia; of his family all I know is of three sons named Benjamin, Jacob and Abraham, the two latter moved to South Carolina, leaving Benjamin in York or Chester County, Pennsylvania. Soon after the Revolutionary war he moved with his wife and some of his children to what is now Washington County, Pa.

The children of our great Grandfather, Benjamin Elliot, were John, Isaac, Absalom and Lydia, all of which I remember well, and one named Mary who married Samuel Paden. Lydia married Enoch Vanscoyoc; her sons were Abram, Enoch, Moses and Aaron; her daughters were Rebecca Ann, Mary, Lydia, Johanah [sic] and Rachel. Rebecca married Timothy Patterson. Mary and Lydia married two brothers named Jacob and George Newburn. Johannah married a Sherrick.

John Elliot the eldest of the sons of Benjamin married Prudence Parsons in Pennsylvania and moved to Columbiana Co, Ohio, about the year 1814, had two sons, Joseph and John; Joseph married Elizabeth, and John married Martha Randal, two sisters, both of them lived on the land bought by their father, in great harmony till the death of their father who made his home with John, about 4 miles South of Salem. Joseph had four sons and two daughters, John, James, Moses and Enoch; Rebecca and Lydia. John is deceased, his three brothers still live in the same neighborhood; two of them Moses and Enoch, on the homestead. Rebecca married a man by the name of Charles Darr but in a few years was left a widow, she is now in Iowa. Lydia married John Coffee, who died in a few years and she still resides near Salem, Ohio.

John brother of Joseph sold his land in Columbiana Co. about the year 1850, and removed to Logan Co., 0.; his children were John, Joseph, Isaac, Mary and Mirriam. Mary married Andrew Pettit, and is now living near Grand Junction, Iowa. John married Almira Hathaway, he is now deceased, had three children Elmer; Vinton and Flora, who live with their mother on the farm bought of Jerub Baldwin; soon after they moved to Logan county, Joseph married Ellen Kinsey. Their children, Josephine, Martha, Thaddeus and Lawrence, and lives about three miles N. E. of W. Mansfield, Ohio. Isaac married, but deceased soon after; his widow lives in, or near Brighton, Beaver Co., Pa. Miriam never married lives with her sister-in-law, on the farm formerly owned by her father, who deceased a few years ago, leaving her an interest in it, her lifetime. 

Absolum youngest son of Benjamin married in Pennsylvania, was a Baptist Minister, he removed about the year 1810 to Clark Co., Indiana, we know but little of his family; his son James went as a soldier under General Harrison, was in the battle of Tippacanoe, married a woman by the name of Shields, that he became acquainted with; the daughter of a back-woodsman, on the Tippacanoe, where the General had his headquarters. He settled after marriage, in that neighborhood near his wife's father. She still retained many of the characteristics of back-woods life, when I saw her in 1837 near Rochester, Fulton Co., Ind. She told me that when their first child was about six months old, while sitting in their log cabin, their large dog lying on the floor and the child asleep in a trough, for a cradle, she heard the dog growl, and looking out saw a large Panther, outside the fence that enclosed the door yard; she arose and fastened the door, told the dog to watch the babe and she crept out at a back window, ran to her fathers, one-half mile off got a gun and shot the Panther. The last I heard of James he moved to Stark Co., Ind., his oldest son's name was Absolum, he had two daughters married, when I was there. John Absolum's son I think never married, was rather a roving, unsettled man. Absolum, son of Absolum, the last account I have had of him he still lived in Southern Indiana; but of his family we can give no account. I might mention here, that in traveling both in Carolina and Indiana, we have found many of our name, and some of other names who claim to be decendants of Jacob and Abram Elliot of Carolina.

We will now commence with Isaac Elliot, our Grandfather, son of Benjamin. He was born the day of 1756, in York Co., Pa.; he married Alice Wilkinson, daughter of Joseph Wilkinson of London Grove, Pa. Their children were: Benjamin, Joseph, Isaac, Elizabeth, Alice, Mary, Moses and Francis. Benjamin married Susannah Supler in Washington Co. Pa., and removed with his family to Stark Co., 0., about the year 1811 or 12; he there built a grist, and saw-mill on a beautiful stream called Deer Creek; that was a great advantage to the, people, who most of them were newly settled on their lands. Benjamin's children were: Benjamin, Susannah, Isaac K. Wilkinson, Edith, Rachel, Ann and Jonathan, Agness and Absolum. Benjamin married Sarah Grewell, daughter of Timothy and Alice Grewell; his children are Wm. Mahew, Margaret, Timothy, Alwilda, and Cyrus; Isaac K. married Ann Bowman, for his first wife, daughter of Isaac Bowman; by her he had four children named Bowman, Claira, Jane and Matson; his second wife was Mary Norton, daughter of Jermiah Norton; they had some family but don't know their names; he is deceased, and his first children, are, most of them, in Oregon. Susannah married James Rochell, who is deceased, leaving two sons, Benjamin and Lynus; she married a second time, a man by the name of John Rosel, who lived but a few years, leaving one daughter named Harriet, who is married. Abner Elliot, son of Wilkinson Elliot. Rachel Elliot married Abram Vanscoyoe, who lived but a few years; and she is now married to Isaac Cope, and living at Marlboro, Stark Co., 0.; her sister Ann is not married and lives at the same place.  Wilkinson married Sarah Taylor, children now living are: Abner, Judith, Mary, Rachel and Benjamin, Ottimer; he married a second wife by the name of Nancy McCreory.

Edith, Absolum and Jonathan are deceased; Jonathan and Absolum have left children but their names are not known to me. I may just mention a circumstance before leaving the family of Benjamin Elliot, that there is a silver headed Cane in the family of Benjamin Elliot, son of Benjamin, that belonged to Benj. Elliot, father of our Grandfather, Isaac Elliot, with the initials of his name and date on it: date not remembered, but some time in 1780, I have seen it, which was to decend to the next oldest, Benjamin Elliot in Perpetuity.

Now I am done with the family of Benjamin, I shall have to be more brief in treating of others for I find time will not admit of a detailed account.

Family of Joseph Elliot.---Joseph Elliot son of Isaac, married Elizabeth John, daughter of Joseph and Mary John. Their children were: Mary, Isaac, John J., Hannah, Samuel, Rebecca, Benjamin and Aaron. 

Family of Isaac Elliot.---Isaac Elliot, son of Isaac, married Ruth McCall, daughter of John and Sarah McCall, their children were John D., Sarah, Phoebe, Joseph, James and Ruth. He married a second time to Agnes Dwire, who lived but a short time, he then married Rebecca Dwire, widow of Shaphat Dwire. Their children were: William, George, Thomas,Abram, Malinda and Mathew.

Family of Alice McCall.---Alice McCall, daughter of Isaac Elliot, married Joseph McCall son of John and Sarah McCall. Their children were John, Ruth, Josiah, Enoch, Elizabeth, Francis, Hannah and Shaphat.

Family of Elizabeth McCall.---Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac Elliot, married William McCall, their children were: Alice, Sarah, Thomas, Mary, Matilda, George, Jane and Solmon.

Family of Moses Elliot.---Moses Elliot, son of Isaac Elliot, married Rebecca Duly; children's names: Joseph, Elizabeth, Jermiah, Amos, Mary, Ellis and Anna.

Family of Francis Elliot.---Francis Elliot, son of Isaac Elliot, Sr.. married Mary Baldwin: Children's names: Job, Moses,David, Wilkinson, William, Joel, Levi and Elmira. Francis married a second wife, Margaret Young, and their children's names are: [No names were listed.]

Family of Mary Baldwin.---Mary Elliot, daugher of Isaac Elliot, Sr., married Jerub Baldwin, son of David Baldwin:--children's names: David Butler, Elliot, Jonah, Henry, Andrew, Joseph and Silas.

Account of marriages: Joseph Elliot's children: Mary Baldwin's  children, to whom married

Mary Married Wm. Downs

David Married Lucinda Southard

Isaac Married Adaline Hutton

Butler Married Matilda Lane

John Jr. Married Mary Stanley 

Elliot Married Sarah A. Harriman

Hannah Married Thomas Downs

Jonah Married Mary Yarrington

Hannah 2nd Mar. Charles Shinn

Andrew Married Caroline Bishop

Samuel Married Martha Stanley

Henry Married Phebe Ann Drake

Rebecca Married Wm. Watkins

Joseph Married Angeline Bishop

Aaron Married Harriet Hubbard

Joseph Married Maria Bishop

Silas Married Mary McCulloch


Elizabeth McCall's children to whom married

Francis and Mary's children:

Alice Married Butler Baldwin Job Deceased

Sarah Not married 

Moses Married Unknown Umphrey

Thomas Married Judith Bloomfield

David Married Unknown Lingerel

George Married Lydia Elliot

Wilkinson Unknown

Matilda Married John Harris

William Unknown

Jane Married Wm. Wilson

Joel Unknown

Jane 2nd Mar. Isaac Minchel

Levi Unknown

Solomon Married Asenath P. Hurlbert

Elmina Unknown Unknown


Isaac Elliot's children, to whom married:

Alice McCall's children, to whom married:

John D. Married Ruth Dixson

John Married Ann McCall

John D. 2nd Marr. Elizabeth Willets

John D. 3rd Marr. Lydia Walton

Ruth Married John Thomas

Ruth 2nd Marr. Joseph Fowler

Sarah Married John Greer

Josiah Married Unknown Dewees

Phebe Married John Dixson

Elizabeth Married

Joseph Married Mary Slater

Francis Married

James Married Matilda Dixson

Hanna Married

Ruth Married Isaac Gruwell

Shaphat Married


Second set of children: Children of Moses and Rebecca Elliot

Wm. Married Margaret McKinnon

Wm.2nd Marr. Elizabeth Williams

Joseph Married

Joseph 2nd Marr.  

George Married Eliza Ann James

Elizabeth Married Abram Laport

Thomas Married Caroline Brown

Jeremiah Married Artimesa Deardoff

Abraham Married Mary Wickersham

Amos Married Belinda Pugh

Belinda Married Thomas Wickersham

Ellis Married Rachel Keller

Mathew Married Ellen Ennis

Anna Married Eli James

Mary Deceased


After reading the aforesaid essay by John D. Elliot, Jerub Baldwin the oldest member of the family (now nearly fourscore), gave an account of his connection with the family by marriage 58 years ago, and which has continued with uninterrupted friendship to this time. Interesting and instructive remarks were made by Benjamin Elliot and his son William Elliot of Michigan. Also by Mary Elliot, Jonah Baldwin, Joseph Elliot, Thomas McCall, Simon D. Elliot, Ellis Akey, and several others, all tending to encouragement in the practical duties of every day Christian life; and to keep clear of all intoxicating drink and the use of tobacco, as having a tendency to lead into great extremes of crime and destitution.  The following resolution by S. D. Elliot was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, that the Elliot Family be invited to attend at this place on the 5th day of November, A.D. 1876 in a reunion and each family are requested to forward to John D. Elliot, Zanesfield, Logan Co., Ohio, such account of their families and their history worth preserving as they may be in possession of, in time for him to prepare it for reading at the next meeting.

 S. D. Elliot, Chairman

 Asa Elliot, Secretary.


NOTE.--I find on looking over that some names have been forgotten and others not in the right place. J.D.E.

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