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Irvin Michael ZwiebelAge: 90 years19142004

Irvin Michael Zwiebel
Given names
Irvin Michael
Also known as
Michael Zwiebel Irvin
Married name
Irvin Michael Irvin
Birth 1914 57 39
Death of a paternal grandmotherSophia Elsass
February 19, 1921 (Age 7 years)

Death of a fatherMichael Zwiebel
December 16, 1938 (Age 24 years)
Type: Enlisted
June 26, 1943 (Age 29 years) Age: #29
Agency: U.S. Army Reserves
Death of a motherEmma Mann
July 15, 1966 (Age 52 years)
Death of a brotherHenry George Zwiebel
about 1985 (Age 71 years)

Death of a sisterElsie Zwiebel
October 3, 1986 (Age 72 years)
Death of a brotherArthur Joseph Zwiebel
February 12, 1988 (Age 74 years)
Death of a sisterMartha Pauline Zwiebel
November 15, 1988 (Age 74 years)
Death of a sisterLucy Sophia Zwiebel
July 10, 1989 (Age 75 years)
Death of a sisterGladys Zwiebel
about 1996 (Age 82 years)
Death March 12, 2004 (Age 90 years)
Burial April 26, 2004 (45 days after death)
Address: Section P Row A Site 88 18600 SE 240th St Kent, WA 98042-4868 United States
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Marriage: 1893
2 years
elder sister
Lucy Sophia Zwiebel
Birth: January 7, 1895 38 20Papillion, Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States
Death: July 10, 1989Tampa, Florida, United States
23 months
elder sister
Elsie Zwiebel
Birth: November 22, 1896 40 22Papillion, Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States
Death: October 3, 1986Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, United States
18 months
elder brother
Arthur Joseph Zwiebel
Birth: May 24, 1898 42 23Papillion, Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States
Death: February 12, 1988Carmichael, California, United States
4 years
elder sister
Ruth Josephine Zwiebel
Birth: about 1901 44 26Papillion, Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States
Death: about 1901Papillion, Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States
4 years
elder brother
Henry George Zwiebel
Birth: September 10, 1904 48 30Papillion, Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States
Death: about 1985
3 years
elder sister
Martha Pauline Zwiebel
Birth: June 23, 1907 51 33Papillion, Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States
Death: November 15, 1988Federal Way, King County, Washington, United States
4 years
elder sister
Gladys Zwiebel
Birth: January 1911 54 36Papillion, Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States
Death: about 1996Canyonville, Oregon, United States
4 years
Irvin Michael Zwiebel
Birth: 1914 57 39Papillion, Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States
Death: March 12, 2004Sun City, Arizona, United States

Recollections by Uncle Bud

This article was posted on Ancestry.com, and included conflicting statements outside the supposed writings by Michael Irvin Zwiebel: in one sentence it is stated to have been written in 2001, and in another written in the late 1990s. I make no claims to veracity or provenance, as I have no further evidence.

The limestone home built by George William Zwiebel.Facts (true and false) about how the limestone Zwiebel farmhouse in Sarpy county, Nebraska came into the possession of Phillip Michael Zweibel.  Written by the last grandchild of George and Sophia Elsass Zweibel to be born, and the last to die, (but not quite yet) The house was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places.  Most of the newspaper accounts of this joyous occurrence state that the house, and the farm surrounding was willed to Philip Henry after George’s death. George was born in Alsace in Sept. of 1832. Sophia Elsass was born in Ohio April 1835.  They had four sons.

Michael “Mike” even on his tombstone, born in Ohio, April 1856.

George was born in Sarpy County NE March 1857.  Eleven months after Mike.

Philip was born in Sarpy County January 1860

John  was born in Sarpy County 1863. 

In 1852, Nebraska was opened for settlement.  The farmland in Ohio being not very rich, in 1856, with babe in arms and another on the way, the family crossed the country by train to St. Louis, then up the Missouri River by steamboat to Bellevue, Sarpy County.  After what must have been a rough winter, George was born in March of 1857.  Father George selected an acreage with frontage on the Platte River, with timber and limestone outcroppings. Maybe as much as 500 acres, for which he may have paid $1.00 per acre.  The fine limestone house, still occupied, was finished in 1867 and a large limestone barn and limestone smokehouse about this time.  Philip and John were born here also.  The family prospered by selling barley to breweries in Omaha.  In February 1876, George contracted a medical condition from which he died, probably a ruptured appendix or gallbladder but no one knows for sure.  He was 46 years old. Sophia, illiterate, worked the farm with her four boys and continued to prosper.  They continues to buy more and more land until she was able to purchase and give the boys each a farm.  Mike married Emma Mann and they went into the implement business and later purchased the first power threshing machine in the area and threshed until the end of November.  George spent his working life in Topeka, KS. John occupied a town near Grand Island for a time, and dabbled in banking.  Eventually he made his home in Ainsworth.  The four were tightly allied and enjoyed each other’s company as long as they lived.  Phiop stayed on the home place.  He once said he had never been off the land for more than a three month stretch.   

Groesel Zweibel died when I was only six, but I remember her well.  She was alwas kind to me but she offered me bread and butter when I visited. Grandma Mann always had cookies and a dime if I ran an errand for her.